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Flash Offer: Buy 2 T shirts and Get a Bag Free.
Flash Offer: Shop 2 T shirts and Get a Bag Free.

Promotions Terms & Conditions

Promotions Terms & Conditions

With a plethora of attractive offers and promotions running on our site, it’s you we want, to be the winner all the way. While every product we host on the site is something we would want to wear ourselves, not each of them is eligible for coupons, promotions or offers. They apply on select merchandise only. You can refer to individual offer eligibilities on a product page, to choose what you like best.

What’s foremost to note is that the maximum amount you could get off on your choice of product depends on the site discount threshold or coupon threshold, which in turn could vary from 41% to 60% or higher or lower. For example, a product on 50% discount – after applying an extra 30% discount may result in total product discount of 60% only.

If you are buying more than one product, the benefit of the coupon discount would collectively apply on all your products, albeit taking into account the individual pricing of each product. You could refer to your purchase invoice to know all the details around the final pricing.

If you choose to return or cancel purchase of any product, the amount that would be refunded to you would be the final product price on your invoice that you may have received after availing all offer benefits. This will, of course, be subject to a sign-off from our QC team after inspecting the returned items.

You would be eligible for the First Purchase Coupon if and only if you are about to make your first-ever buy on the site. However, if you wish to cancel or return your purchase, you will no longer be eligible for availing this offer again.

Please note that Mojotrack reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of any of the promotions offered on the Platforms at any given time.

Now that we have got your attention, we hope you will read on to know more about the attractive offers and promotions we have in store for you. Happy shopping!

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